Rackshack buying WHT!!




Have you heard yet? Rackshack has bought WHT.
That's NO good :)

However, and I quote, headsurfer (Rackshack) says:
My motives for buying WHT are many and wide ranging but there is one important than the rest: To keep Web Hosting Talk a FREE open forum for all.

Hmm well... I don't know... Lets see now... :)
Will this turn out to be another Microsoft killer thing... ???
Just another example of a good thing, probably going to go bad. Lets see just how bad they f*** that forum up for thier competing ISP's that post into there.

I have a feeling that it is going to come to "your spamming" by putting your website address in your sig file....
Re: Rachshack and WHT forum


Well ya know the site was bound to be bought by a hosting company It's like good bussiness to buy sites like that. I guess we will be seeing rackshack plugs all over now. I just hope the wht owner sold for a large amount of money.
Hey let me know when you guys wanna sell. lol

They say so, however, rumours have already been spread :D
They are not leaving I have personally spoken with BC and Chicken and they claim non rumber are true and they are staying
If RS was to get rid of them, it would be a HUGE mistake, the board would be over then..... (my opinion)