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PreMadeKB for Blesta/WHMCS/HostBill/WP/SupportPal/CE, Grow your business


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Receiving too many tickets because of you don't have proper and professional Knowledgebase Articles and customer is waiting for your response on ticket? Try PreMadeKB.

With PreMadeKB:
-- Your company will look more professional and trusted if it have tutorials, You can check any big companies website. They have proper Knowledgebase articles/Tutorials.

-- Less Tickets/Query. It can save your time so you can focus on your business instead of replying unnecessary tickets. 287+ Professionally written articles.

-- Professional Look, With your Company Watermakr/Logo on images.

-- Easy Installation, No any professional skill required. Step by step tutorial.

-- We received A+++ reviews for our KB product.

Our WHMCS Gift Card Module which can allow you to Create/Sell Gift Card with many features you may need to gain customer.

Screenshot of WHMCS Gift Card:
- Admin Area
- Gift Card Menu
- New Customer Can Redeem Coupon

Gift Card for WHMCS by PreMadeKB
New Client can redeem coupon but can't use it unless they do at lest 1 minimum transaction like Digitalocean gift code system. Your client will be need to do at lest 1 transaction like add fund or buy any product then can redeem coupon however existing customer can redeem it who made at lest 1 transaction.

  • An admin can create a Gift card from the Admin Area.
  • An admin can remove a Gift card.
  • An admin can view active gift codes.
  • An admin can see the coupon used from Client Profile >> Edit Profile or by logging as client and editing the profile.
  • An admin can see the coupon used from Client >> Redeem Gift Card.
  • The same gift code can be used unlimited times by your different different client unless you remove your Gift card.
  • An admin can add a Gift card as a Product and sell it (it is fully automated).
  • An admin can create two types of Gift codes. By default, he can create a one-time use only Gift code that will expire after the first use and if he selects the "Unlimited" option, it can be used by many customers and will not expire unless he removes it from the Gift Card Admin Section. However, a single customer can only use a Gift code one time.
  • An admin can customize a template of Gift Cards from the WHMCS Email Template Section.
  • An admin can hide the "Buy Gift Card" link.

Price: $20/Year - Leased
Owned: $199 (Free Lifetime Update/Support, We need loyal customer so do not charge upgrade/etc fees.)

Full Info & Order Link

- - - - -
Our ReadyMade/PreMade Knowledgebase Articles for WHMCS/Blesta/HostBill/Wordpress:

v1.8 Released!! - Our KB Support WHMCS, Blesta, HostBill, Wordpress and ClientExec.

Can't compete big company who have lots of KB for their customers? Also looking for your Hosting company to have a hundreds of Knowledgebase articles with Images and Step by Step tutorial? Don't worry, PreMadeKB is here for you.

Now we've 287 Professional Articles. 18 New Knowledgebase KB Added. We've added a Some articles on cPanel AutoSSL, SSL/TLS, Softaculous, Generate CSR, etc.

Our articles use cPanel Paper Lantern theme which is so amazing theme and used by many hosting providers. Demo article of cPanel Paper Lantern theme.

New Version Released v1.8
  • 18 New Articles Added
  • Softaculous Articles Added
  • cPanel related article Added
  • Articles on AutoSSL, CSR.
  • Up-to-date articles, You can see version history which show that we're active.

iOS/iPhone Demo Article
Please see list of all new articles, We have added articles on on various popular topics.

Version Release Date:
Version 1.8 Released on: 27 December, 2018
Version 1.7 Released on: 4 November, 2017
Version 1.6 Released on: 11 February, 2017
Version 1.5 Released on: 19 November, 2016
Version 1.4 Released on: 18 July, 2016
Version 1.3 Released on: 6 February, 2016
Version 1.2 Released on: 6 September, 2015
Version 1.1 Released on: 30 March, 2015
Version 1.0 Released on: 12 December, 2014

If you want to purchase KB on Paper Lantern them purchase v1.8 and If you want to purchase KB for cPanel "theme X" then you will need to purchase v1.2.

We also set a price for upgrade, $15 per year. For first 6 month you will get a free update but after 6 month you will need to purchase upgrade subscription to get article upgrade/update.

Blesta and WHMCS ReadyMade Articles for cPanel/InterWorx control panel. Affordable price and easy to install/upgrade.

Reselling our Articles Software is not allowed.

Save time by purchasing our Latest PreMadeKB and Up-to-Date Ready-Made Articles for your WHMCS and Blesta Billing System.

Note: We're working hard to add more articles.

InterWorx (SiteWorx Hosting Control Panel).

Support WHMCS v7.x
Support WHMCS v6.x
Support WHMCS v5.x
Support Blesta "Support Manager" and "Support Manager Pro"

How I will receive my KB Software?
In .zip folder with SQL+Image.

Step by Step Tutorials for cPanel, InterWorx, Softaculous,DNS,etc

Step by Step 287 Professionally Written Article with Images for cPanel, SolusVM, Softaculous, Control Panel, etc and Articles for InterWorx Control Panel.

Article Category for InterWorx:
  • Backup/Restore
  • SiteWorx - Control Panel
  • Backup/Restore
  • DNS - Nameserver
  • Domain Management
  • Wordpress
  • Email
  • FTP
  • Others
  • Security
  • Softaculous
  • SolusVM
  • Sub-Category in SolusVM (SolusVM Basic & SolusVM VPS Management)
  • Installing a Control Panel
  • Sub-Category in Softaculous (Blog, Forum, CMS/Portal)
  • Mobile
  • Sub-Category in Mobile (Android & iOS/iPhone)
  • Sub-Category in Email (Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • SiteWorx Control panel

Price: $51 One Time
Order ReadyMadeKB for WHMCS/Blesta

(15% Off - Coupon Code: Feb21 )

Article Category for cPanel:
  • Backup/Restore
  • cPanel - Control Panel
  • Databases
  • DNS - Nameserver
  • Wordpress
  • Domain Management
  • Email
  • FTP
  • Mail Filters & SPAM
  • Others
  • Security
  • Mobile
  • Sub-Category in Mobile (Android & iOS/iPhone)
  • Sub-Category in Email (Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • Softaculous (3x sub-category)

- Step by Step Articles with Images (Screenshot).
- Professional Articles.
- Easy Installation.
- Currently Available for WHMCS, Blesta, Hostbill, Wordpress & ClientExec Only.
- We are working on 50 other articles for cPanel.
- Articles are Reviewed by our Team for Errors and Grammar.
- Watermark Logo on images of your company/name.
- Free updates up-to 6 month.
- We will provide images with water mark of your domain name or company name.