Opinion on Virtualizor

I have seen the same topic multiple times over various forums. For me, Virtualizor is modern, user friendly, and can be easily integrated with WHMCS. I have found many negative reviews about SoulsVM and many peoples are literally happy after moving from SoulsVM to Virtualizor. So, for me, Virtualizor is my first choice.
Virtualizor is one of the control panels we offer to Customers for Dedicated Servers and VPS management. It really really makes their life more easier. There are frequent (but not overwhelming) updates which make the platform very stable and the guys at virtualizor.com offer almost 24/7 live chat support for tech issues.

Plus: very lightweight control panel that supports clustering as well!

We strongly recommend it :)
I've never used Virtualizor or even really paid any attention to it before.

Going to their website to take a look, the fact that they don't force TLS was not a good start 🤔
Virtualizor appeals to me since it is extremely user-friendly. It is also excellent for managing a large number of servers. It has helped me manage a small cluster as well as a large number of virtual machines. It has shown to be solid and dependable in my experience.
However, it does have a few drawbacks, and not everyone will necessarily enjoy it.
Been using it for years, always preferred it and the price is very good I don't even notice any rate increases yet, we love the WHMCS integration it is really good, we mostly use that and never relay the virtualizor login to clients.
I tried Virtualizor for a month and did not like the user interface. I'm back on trusty SolusVM, mainly because I've been using it since 2012 and the interface is a lot cleaner in my opinion. Virtualizor is a total mess. For me, I prefer the simplicity SolusVM provides. Also, I am still holding out for V2. :)
Virtualizor is much better than Solus VM. But Solus VM support is excellent as compared to Virtualizor.

+1 for Virtualizor. It's getting better and better.