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Job Description: Commissioned sales for India. Any web design, hosting, development, hosting, reseller, VPS, etc, with the exception of dedicated servers service you sell, you'll get a 40% commission of the initial cost, as well as 10% continuing cost for recurring services. For one time projects, you will receive 20% commission. You will also receive a monthly salary which is negotiable based on the applicant's experience in the sales and technology industries. You will work out of our office in Kolkata along side our other staff members.

Prerequisites: Understanding of web design, development, and hosting. Our design agents will do the heavy lifting in working with the customer to learn of their needs - you just need to be able to accurately describe the packages (we have a cheat sheet file) and refer them to us. Polite/courteous attitude towards customers is a must. We also encourage the applicant to have strong knowledge in Bengali, English, and Hindi languages.

Pay: 40% commission on initial payments for recurring packages, 10% commission on recurring payments there after, and 20% on one time packages.

Application Process: Please apply on our job application website using this link. In the box on the application provide your qualifications, any previous employment in the industry, specific skills, why you wish to work for us, and why you think you represent the Kolkata area that has a good market for our services.

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