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Are you looking for a web host that provides hundreds of GB of webspace/bandwidth for a low price? Or are you looking to purchase as much as you can for the lowest price possible? If so, we're not the right host for you.

InnoHosting is not a budget web host, we specialise exclusively on customers that are more interested in reliability, prompt support and staff that are actually knowledgeable in the fields they operate in.

We don't compete on price, we don't offer ridiculous amounts of webspace for next to nothing. Our customers aren't looking for a budget provider, and we're not here to provide a budget service.

•••••••••• Reliability? Prompt Support? How About Both? ••••••••••

We're a business centric web host, that understands your core business requirements. Knowledgeable, yet confident support staff ensure you receive support that is fully tailored to you and your business - available 24x7x365 by telephone, live chat and email.

When it comes to business hosting, InnoHosting understands quality systems need to be utilised that are configured and optimised for delivering true on-demand solutions. That is why InnoHosting deploys only high-grade systems to ensure your websites load quickly, your database transactions execute instantly and so your customers notice the InnoHosting difference.

What Our Customers Say said:
From all of the research I did before moving, through the whole signing up process to my first experiences, it is very gratifying that I find Inno's excellent reputation in the industry and my confidence in that to have been well founded in practice.

•••••••••• Business Focused, Premium Quality ••••••••••

Providing web hosting, is easy. It's why you have so much choice. Providing web hosting that is business focused and premium in its quality isn't so easy. For nearly 10 years InnoHosting has been powering businesses with responsive & reliable web hosting, unlike any other company.

While any company can advertise similar services, at a cheaper rate, or more focused for the general consumer, no other will be able to deliver the services the way we do.

There is a distinct difference between web hosting for the mainstream, and web hosting designed for businesses. We know the importance of uptime, we share your core business values and we have the knowledge and expertise at hand to contribute to the success of your business.

It's why law firms, marketing agencies, government divisions, heavy e-commerce businesses and Universities choose InnoHosting.

What Our Customers Say said:
I've only been with them for a couple of months and it just blows my mind how much these guys do to give us a great hosting experience. I've been with a number of different hosts over the years, some more expensive, some less. These guys blow away any other host I've ever had. Fast servers, excellent top notch customer service.

•••••••••• Designed For You ••••••••••

Imagine a hosting company that constantly adapts and continuously evolves to the demands of your business. Imagine a company that is able to provide you with any solution you are looking for and work with you from start to finish. Imagine a hosting company that is able to provide the same consistency across all its services.

You can stop imagining - you've found us.

What Our Customers Say said:
I decided to put in my first two tickets at around half past four on a Sunday morning. I marked one as Low, one as Medium - I fully expected a reply sometime on Monday and would have been surprised if I got one later today. You can imagine how shocked I was when I get both responses within minutes of each other!

•••••••••• A Smooth Migration ••••••••••

You're not locked down to the host you're currently with. You can move at any time and begin experiencing true premium services. You can stop worrying about the availability of your website, you can stop losing sales due to downtime and finally, you can relax.

We have a hassle free & zero downtime migration service. We will:

• Migrate your accounts from your old host
• Migrate all MySQL db's intact
• Migrate all scripts and applications
• Migrate all subdomains, cPanel settings, FTP accounts, email accounts, autoresponders, mailing lists and more
• We'll keep you updated on the migration status and provide a full report when it's complete.
• We'll migrate upto 50 cPanel accounts completely free of charge

With InnoHosting, migrating from another host has never been easier, get in touch with us today and we'll talk you through every step of the migration along with how it works.

Click here to contact us regarding any questions you have about our migration services.

What Our Customers Say said:
It's common for them to go the extra mile, beyond the scope of "tech support." They are a solution-based company.

•••••••••• Service Highlights ••••••••••

• Knowledgeable Staff - InnoHosting has been in business for nearly 10 years with reviews spanning across all 10 years, creating a consistent and verifiable track record.

• High-end hardware + Perfectly Optimised Software = An Intelligent Combination. The hardware components we use are hand-picked, manually tested and benchmarked against other hardware combinations ensuring we use the perfect combination of hardware components with software optimised to deliver a fast & fluid service.

• Free End User Support - We can answer the questions your customers send you under your brand name on your website - so you can work on growing your company and sleeping at night.

• Free Billing Software - Choose between WHMCS or ClientExec

• Attracta SEO Tools - Free SEO tools that build traffic for your website with a guaranteed listing in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

• Breezi Site Builder - Create beautiful looking websites within minutes

• Free SSL Certificate - Use HTTPS encrypted communications on your website and increase buyer confidence.

• Free 2Checkout Account - Credit card payment processing with built in fraud management and full PCI Compliance.

• Preloaded Knowledgebase for WHMCS - Reduce customer support tickets. Use our brand-free whitelable knowledgebase article injector to inject 100+ pre-written articles into your WHMCS.

• Free MaxMind minFraud Account - Utilise a sophisticated fraud prevention tool to automatically score your new sign ups on the likeliness of it being a fraudulent order.

• Free web hosting templates

• Free legal document templates (template documents consisting of a ToS, Privacy Policy and AuP).

• UK & USA Hosting Locations - Choose to have your websites hosted in the UK or the USA.

•••••••••• Pricing And Sign Up ••••••••••

For our full plans and pricing, please visit

Use coupon code: ih25
To receive a one-time discount on your first invoice. For example, if you sign up for 1 month, you'll receive a 25% discount on that month. If you sign-up for an annual account however, you'll receive a 25% discount on the entire year.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please visit

If you wish to speak to someone before signing up:
USA: (+1) 888-522-INNO
UK (+44) 0800-612-8075

Sales are available between 9am and 6pm GMT, Monday - Friday. You can also request a call back through our website by opening a Sales ticket at

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The Hosting services looks nice to me. Do you give out free domain as well when bought the hosting service annually?
The Hosting services looks nice to me. Do you give out free domain as well when bought the hosting service annually?


I'm afraid a free domain is not included, however you can purchase one from us at very competitive rates. Alternatively, you can also purchase your domain from any other domain registrar as well and use it with our hosting :).