How to reduce time server


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Hello, I have one of the clients website on VPS, and when scanning it in the seo tool getting this error

"Reduce server response time"

What are the exact causes of this? the VPS only have 2 wordpress websites. thank you very much in advance


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There is no exact answer, it could be any number of things.
Add an .HTML file to the site and see what the response time looks like there. If that is fast, then there could be a bottleneck with your MySQL server request. Then load testing php and MySQL requests to see if it's a send or receive request that is causing problems. Keep in mind that Wordpress themes can play a role too depending how many requests they have.

Then there's DNS, Time to first byte, SSL issues, redirects, general server configuration, etc.

There's no one answer as every case is different.
Five Ways to Reduce Server Response Times
  1. Check Your Hosting. Time spent waiting for your server to respond adds to your final page load times. ...
  2. Choose Your Web Server Carefully. ...
  3. Optimize Your Web Servers. ...
  4. Reduce Bloat. ...
  5. Optimize Your Database.


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Optimize Web Servers is a top notch.
Optimizing Database also.
Compressing Images
Load Balacing

A good Internet Connection