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It's not our first rodeo. Back in 2009, in the early days of forums starting to get attacked by more sophisticated type of spammers and shills, we very quickly weeded out and stopped such a group operating on HD. As a result of that campaign, 8 companies lost their account and business privileges forever.

This week we faced another challenge from what I can only refer to as a very well organized shill(s), masking his (possibly their) moves to the benefit of link building, self promotion and another agenda. He was on point of keeping accounts separate from each other (different IP address between accounts, and consistent location for each account on each login), at first making it difficult to connect them all to a single party. But time of activity and posting behaviour is what brought our attention to it.

As a result of this activity, two businesses, and lost their privilege to be a part of this community by having their URLs censored.

This message has two objectives: to shame hosting services that choose such tactics to extend exposure for their companies by hiring random $2/hr "SEO experts" and "link builders", and to send a message to those choosing HostingDiscussion to execute their dirty tasks. You are wasting your time. We are experienced enough to catch these things quickly and efficiently.

This community will stay clean and fair for as long as we are running it.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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