HostyHosty Seeking Social Media Interaction Team


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HostyHosty are seeking talented and enthusiastic individuals to promote our company on a range of social networking sites which include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

As part of our SMIT (Social Media Interaction Team) you will be an integral part of peaking interest from new and existing clientele, and creating and contributing to what we hope can be a thriving small online community.

Further to this, we will encourage you to create and forge new relationships on new and existing social media platforms as well as create a profile on active web hosting and similar web forums and message boards.

The positions are voluntary however we will happily provide you with a reference for any future employment and/or endeavours and will monitor this stance in the future where payment options will be reviewed subject to needs of the business.

If you are interested in our aforementioned position within what is a new and up and coming business we welcome you to contact us on the following email:

We look forward to discussing your involvement with us in due course.

Kindest Regards
This offer is still open and active, we are beginning to try to push our brand out and expand the businesses presence to other sites to get our name out but we need help to do this.

Think you can help us out? email
Hey everyone

Just to let you know this position has re-opened along with support and sales staff positions.

As a sales or support staff member you will be responsible for looking after our client base or potential client base steering them in the right direction and helping them out with any queries they may have with a large emphasis being on good world beating customer service.

Think you are one of our Support Superstars, think you could be the gale force of the sales force?

Apply using the contact link below or hello AT