Hosting Game Server


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Hello everyone,
I am new here, and I would like to ask a question about gaming server hosting.
We have received several requests for game servers, for lack of experience I ask this question here to recuell the good and bad experiences see the advice of hundreds before submitting this proposal to my team.

Thanks in advance



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I hope that companies here have the experience to share with you, whether good or bad, when it comes to gaming server hosting specifically.


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Still no ideas?
I don't hold it against you if no one has ever hosted game hosting here.
I just asked the question in order to educate myself, but to translate this silence I understood everything.
See you soon on the other subjects


I suppose your potential clients also want to rent a Dedicated Server or VPS from you because of multiple locations?
Latency is important for them and also it's very important to be able to protect them and yourself from occasional DDoS Attacks. Gaming clients do get attacks from time to time.

It all comes to justified operational costs for those clients. If you cannot cover the costs of proper DDoS protection for them, it's not smartest to accept them into your network.
Most affordable DDoS protection solutions aren't always good for this type of client as they go via Remote DDoS Mitigation Centers, which harms latency for those clients.

Anyway, my advice is to give it a try! :)

Good luck!