Hosting control panel with modern UI (Not cpanel/plesk)


We are using DirectAdmin for a lot of our VPS customers since the cPanel price hike, also got it on a personal server of my own and I must say it does the job. Love the $5 internal price tag also.

It is very easy to migrate.


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Shh the $5 internal licenses are in "internal open secret" don't give all the tricks away ;-)


Can you suggest some good hosting control panel which have Modern UI like cPanel or DirectAdmin's Icon grid(similar to cpanel)

I tried DirectAdmin but it have huge failure rate in migrating data. Most difficult task is changing password of each database. You will be need to loging to each client account and manually change password of database. (Time killing task).

Some panels I tried:
- DirectAdmin (High data restore failure rate).
- SiteWorx (Seems development is dead).

Any panel including cloud hosting control panel? (I saw ClusterCS but hard to understand their plan and how it works, No demo of control panel).


We in our blog have created a post about several control panels with their pluses and minuses.
There are also screenshots that show what the panel looks like inside.
It's no SPAM! :)

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