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I agreed to accept SiteGround thinking 'Yes! The best Wordpress have out there. This will be best for my site'.

Everything was setup fine and had no issues going ahead, anyway my site is genuinely expansive (175000+ posts) and

I promptly began getting admonitions going to much server stack and that my database was too enormous.

I had a great deal of tables in my database that I was never again utilizing, so I began trimming down and evacuated everything except for my wordpress tables. Inside multi day by database was to huge once more.

I got some information about updating only the measure of my database and 'they don't do that'. So I'd need to pay another $80 for a year to move up to the following arrangement. Sort of imbecilic you can't simply update one element.

I immediately changed to another host that has a whole lot looser confinements and have had zero issues since. For a host that well known you would think they'd have an approach to update only certain highlights for a site.

In the event that you have a little site, they will most likely work for you, yet in the event that your site is vast, skirt this host and discover somebody with less limitations!

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