Not sure what the question is. What is it that you're wanting to know?

What I can tell you is that I haven't opened the site. When I entered it into a brower, McAfee gave up a "Suspicious Site" warning - so I can tell you I won't be opening the site until you get that cleared up.
The site opens fast just entered the domain and it pop right up, the prices should be listed in a plan format so that you can get a price range to choose from like plan 1, 2, 3 Prices are little high 89/month you may want to check the industry see how that compares. Good site Thanks
Do you want to know the value of your domain? $25-50 in my opinion i kinda like the domain for maybe a hosting administrative talk forum or even a outsourced host support company name. Just some thoughts! :)
Sorry we have too much websites and this new project was stoped for some private reasons.Now we want agein to start it.
We are fixed problems with template and start update tutorials pages.

If some interesed to work on this site like a writer please contact me on PM.In start we can give you free spot for your banner and latter we will see for payments.
Oh I see it's a site for tutorials and news? I must admit it wasn't easily obvious what the site was for at first, but I like the idea. And the name