[Hiring] Web Hosting Writers for Features


Staff member
Greetings all,

I am looking for exceptional technology news writers on the subject of web hosting. If you have a passion for news writing, if you know what a news headline should sound like, if you are proficient in the subject and if you have good analytical head on your shoulders - this opportunity is for you!


- Producing 1-2 news stories per week (300-500 words)
- A writer has to live in North America (Canada/U.S.), United Kingdom or Australia
- A writer will be published under his real name.

I am NOT looking for someone who will be re-writing existing stories or doing copy/paste work. I am looking for an original, opinionated and knowledgeable content with a spin, which are based on industry news and events. Investigative, provocative, factual, analytical, critical.


Please email me at artashes #at# gmail.com and provide the following:

1. experience in the field of web hosting
2. portfolio! and/or samples of your tech writing
3. your preferred writing rate (per word)
4. provide your full name and your contact information

DO NOT PM YOUR RESUME. If you have a question, feel free to post and ask.

Please note that due to lack of time I will respond only to applications that apply according to aforementioned instructions and those that have a fitting portfolio.

This position is for the HostingDiscussion.com news blog. They will be used to keep the industry informed through something more than press release content.