[Hiring] Web Hosting Editor/Writer for News Briefs


Staff member
I am looking for a news writer/editor (subject of web hosting) to write up 1-2 news-briefs per day.

Position is long-term, so please don't apply if you are not ready to commit.


The task will comprise of scouting traditional daily news sources and press releases, then picking one that seems most interesting/important/news-fitting and writing a small news brief on it. A "brief" is a highly congested summary of the main news release. In other words, coherent and concise to-the-point news. Each such news brief has to stay between 50-75 words on average. Examples are available upon request.


- decent understanding of the web hosting industry;
- ability to grasp the main news factor of a news story/event, write-up a news brief in a required format and come up with a catchy headline;
- a writer has to live in North America (Canada/U.S.), United Kingdom and/or Australia;
- write-up 1 brief per day, 5 days a week (Mon-Fri). Number of these briefs might be increased (depends on quality of your work);
- a writer will be published under his real name;


Please email me at artashes #at# gmail.com and provide the following:

1. related experience in the field of web hosting
2. write a 50-word news brief sample (take any daily hosting news)
3. your preferred writing rate (per word) OR fixed rate per submitted story
4. provide your full name and contact information

PLEASE DO NOT PM RESUMES. Due to lack of time, I will respond only to applications that apply according to instructions.

If you have questions, please post below.