GST management in WHMCS


I am curious to know, how you are managing GST on your WHMCS. How you came to understand that, this client paid amount for GST, which you need to file on gov portal?



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Not sure what your question is about the Goods and Services Tax. Are you asking how to pay your government?


I am asking, how Indian web hosting providers tweaked their WHMCS Portal, to handle GST payments and how they are processing this for filling.
To support the Economical Tax rules of India, WHMCS is providing GST Compliance Module powered by WHMCS to Strengthen your Billing System To infuse various Taxes applied to the Customer's invoices based on the Service Purchased. All WHMCS Modules will be Checked Manually and Setup Instantly.


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That would be paid option.
For OP, if you don 't want to pay for the module from WHMCS, simply set tax at 18% and when you need to file, from report, you can get the data. But definitely for large set of data, you may consider using their official module.