Graphics, PHP and WordPress workers wanted


I consider myself one of the top WordPress talents around. I am a very long-time coder and I host websites. There isn't a lot that will stump me.

I once had a great team that made WP websites. I am looking for freelancers with no guarantee of a steady income. Given time, I can keep us all busy but perhaps not initially. I have to get on my feet again.

What I am looking for is competent, not expert WP cohorts. I am the expert. This should be looked upon as a learning experience. If you can put together a WP website with Contact 7, we can work together. You should know how to solve most problems on your own, and you should be able to follow directions. Can you share one or two websites that is yours?

We all have our strong skill sets. Please contact me and let me know what you are good at! We want to work both sides of the market: high and low, at least until we can dump the low end. So I need workers with a wide range of skills -- some experts and others who can make things look pretty!

The graphics design job is mostly for custom high-end logos and custom websites. We are moving more and more to vector-based images. Can you share your portfolio?

Also, I like to be generous with my fellow-workers. I am the guy you want to work with even if it takes us a little while to get off the ground.

Please contact me (Keith) at if interested. This is an EOE company that celebrates diversity and is open to all nationalities across the world with the right skills.

You must speak conversational English. If you are a firm, you must disclose this fact upfront. My work will not be sublet!