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Do you know you can earn money just by sharing your ideas and also to post on sugaonline?

Well this is not a promotion but a program that will last and enable the members of earn some money, so don't miss out.

This get paid to post program is all about paying the members of this forum for each post made.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this Program all about?

The program is all about you posting new topics and replies on Sugaonline Forum. Each post made by a member will attract a rate of ($2.00). So the more you post is the more you earn.

2. How does it work?

When you register as a member on then you start posting new topic / replies to post.

3. How much am I expected to reach before the pay out??

You're expected to reach $50.00 before you're due for payment.

4. How do I get paid?

You will be paid either by credit cards of your choice or through your paypal.

5. How do I participate in this promotion?

If you haven't register as a member of just register with your email address to enable you post new topics in the forum.

If you are a registered member, you just have to log in and start posting. Remember that every post you make really counts.

6. What if I didn't join the forum on time, am I still entitle for this program?

Yes because what we count is your posts and not how long you have been a member of the forum. You can make up to 20 post within a day and also be ahead of those who have been posting since.

7. How do I track my posts?

The total number of posts you've made is vividly show on your profile.

8. What are the kinds of posts accepted?

The post accepted are original post created by Sugaonline member and we do not accept copy and paste from other website in other to avoid cheating.

We do not allow spamming of any form in the forum. Examples are by posting an already existing thread on different board / duplication of posts, post chasing and all post should be original,.

Thank you.


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