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RomesBlog needs an article writer to help the blog keep up with articles. We need fresh articles posted daily. News, reviews, etc. are required.

We are looking at a few options for payment. Per 1k impressions for the total of all your articles is one. google adsense or ad code is another. We are currently gathering funds for per article pay.

We are having a hard time paying per article so what we'd like to do is pay per 1k impressions your articles get (pay can be discussed) and allow you to place a banner in your articles. Whether it be google adsense or you sell the spot. As long as the ad doesn't conflict with the blog (all ads must be approved) then you can do as you please.

The blog currently receives 4-5 clicks per month, sometimes more on google adsense so it not to bad.

We need articles on PS3, xbox 360, and PC games. We prefer news updates as reviews can be done when reviewing games. Speaking of that, the blog gets games from developers from time to time and as long as you pay shipping costs you can review these games and keep them. We get a lot of indie games and some main stream games from time to time.

We however need loyal writers. I don't need writers that write for a month or two and then vanish! We need constant articles and within a years time I am sure we will be making enough to cover $3 to $4 per article pay. We just need traffic to flow again.

Contact me at Romes[@] if interested.


  1. Paid per 1k impressions
  2. Allowed to add google adsense or ad slot in your articles
  3. per article pay coming soon
  4. get to review games and keep them

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