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Free SEO tools


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Is the site under development, I am able to explore the same. I tried entering our site supportsages.com and couldn't get any results. Also signin option is only there, but not working though.


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What tool specifically are you looking for when it comes to SEO? SEO itself is a pretty broad net, so what kind of information are you looking to get?


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I don't know how people are providing free tools when you don't even know what it is the person is looking for. Keyword research, tracking scripts, competitor analysis, content creation, link generation, etc.

If you don't know what they're looking for (specifically), how can you suggest a tool?

SEO is all about having a specific intent. So one tool I might use for a task may be different if the intent for the target audience is different.

Providing keyword research tools in the US could (and are) different than tools for the UK or Australia etc.


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How are the Free SEO compared to the paid ones

Let's put it this way.

Free SEO is not like free hosting because they can do more damage than good. You don't know how the free tools are built, what algorithms are being used in order to attain an objective, and whether any of those techniques will backfire.
I'd like to start off and say, that GOOGLE WILL NEVER give you an SEO tool to tell you precisely how to rank your website, indirectly maybe..if you read between the lines ( I believe this is what the best Seo guys are good at) - it would hurt their paid advertising platforms so much, it may tell you how to improve user experience and data about keywords that can help you with traffic and user experience, and could indirectly increase ranking. I think this is the only form of SEO Google is happy with because is focussing on quality instead of ranking manipulation.

Given that Semrush and Ahrefs are all somewhat based on tools provided by Google and independent research they aren't 100% either. I realize these guys have some independent research on their tools - but guess what guys its always going to look good, they are selling a product you know. <--- one that threatens Adwords.

There will never be a clear answer to this question it's simply how Google protects its search engine quality and more importantly Adwords. Now I'm not saying all these tools are wrong, I'm just saying not 100% we always tend to use a combination of tools for a specific goal and cross-reference the data to make changes. It's what I've found works the best but it's not 100% not close.

Also, Google changing ALL the times do you think your tools are also changing all the time - I don't think they have the manpower to do so, I think some try but fall short, a lot of times it's best to play it by ear 9 a/b testing )

PS if anybody ever finds out how to 100% rank your website no1 every time on Google and it gets out you'd bet you will see massive changes in Google's algorithm. They are simply not going to allow AdWords to take a knock because people who would have used AdWords know how to rank easily - or lose users (searchers) because SERPs are spammed with low-quality content ( which will lose them, advertisers, too ).