Favourite X post of the day


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I saw this on another forum and I loved the idea. Most of us end up on X (ex-Twitter) from time to time. We get exposed to all kinds of stuff. And sometimes, we get exposed to really insightful, interesting, worthy and plain cool stuff. This thread is all about that stuff.

Feel free to share great stuff (what do people call tweets now: Xs?) you come across on X.

The confused look the Hawk has on its face... priceless.

Someone seems to have gotten confused with what year they were living in. I'm the other way around - I'll be writing 2023 for months into 2024 ;)
I saw this one the other day. Hawk looked so confused lol Good thing for the cat the windshield was there.
I know this is about X tweets, but feel compelled to share this from Facebook. Their reactions slay me.

Apparently, this guy and his wife travel the world making these videos. "Silvestered my Stallone" is my favorite.
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