Discussion About Softaculous & SitePad Service Support

Dear Hosting Discussions,

I'm writing this post today as I'm disappointed in Softaculous lack of support and response to an ongoing issue back from 2022.

Regarding SitePad, I've been providing SitePad with our hosting since the start and I noticed that there were some permissions issues between SitePad and WHMCS/cPanel.

If a client created more then one website within SitePad, regardless of the account allocation in cPanel it would force another MySQL database to be created, meaning the client could get more then what they paid for, This issue was raised to Softaculous at the time and has been ongoing ever since 2022.

I did ask Softaculous for a follow up multiple times but just kept getting the same canned response.

It didn't effect the service too much, but just had to keep an eye on clients that used SitePad to ensure they didn't exceed there allocation.

But the other day I logged back into SitePad Admin centre to check my current package configuration and the permissions section won't load at all.

I've raised a ticket with Softaculous regarding my unanswered ticket back in 2022 and the current issue and I've just got a similar canned response.


Sorry for the delay in the response and the inconvenience caused.

Due to some urgent issue in our product, we are unable to fix the above-mentioned issue. We already have in our ToDo list and let you know once it is fixed.

Do let us know if you need any other information.

I wanted to know other peoples experiences and has anyone else had similar issue and what your experience with Softaculous has been and would you continue to use them after this type of service?
Update: Softaculous have now escalated my ticket to there senior team and have provided a target of mid-April 2024 to resolve the ongoing SitePad Issues.
We will have to wait and see!

I felt that someone else had to be experiencing similar issues and that we could all learn from this.

Feel free to comment your personal experience using SitePad, Softaculous or similar website building software and what you recommend to your customers?
I have found SitePad to be user-friendly with a good selection of templates. However, based on my personal experience, I find it more beneficial to work with reputable service providers for tasks that cannot be fully handled internally. Larger platforms, which are more commonly utilized, tend to present greater obstacles compared to smaller platforms.