Dedicated server VS Cloud?

Dedicated Server VS Cloud ?

in your opinion , which one will get more demand in the future?
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That cant be predicted.
According to the customer needs it may vary.
On my experiences a company who start with cloud and then shifted to dedicated server.
The reason behind this transfer are they need to be cheap while growing.
They need high dedicated bandwidth.
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One way or another, but each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cloud technologies will be the optimal solution for the following types of organizations:

Small and medium businesses.
Companies with a remote office.
Small trade and service enterprises.
Firms with low cost of IT infrastructure maintenance.
Your own server is more suitable in the following cases:

Government structures.
Large companies with a complex IT infrastructure requiring regular updates of large amounts of data.
Organizations storing confidential information.
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Each server and service is different. It all depends on the masses, I know that cloud service works for some people. The same could be said about dedicated. IMHO it could go either way.
Depends on your business model and what do you want to host. You can use CDN (e.g. CloudFlare) with even shared hosting for your website and pay much less. Dedicated server and clusters are always good for the corporate projects.
Don't let other peoples experience decide for you. Listen to what other clients say, and decide for yourself.
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Don't forget a cloud is just another form of dedicated server, so as others say it all depends on your business and needs
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I would say cloud may slowly overcome dedicated servers merely because they will offer this service for cheaper (it will likely become managed too). You're getting your content stored on multiple servers around the world after all :)
As said previously all depends on your needs and your skills. While a dedicated solution cheaper compared to good and real cloud providers there is always a different at the end. With a real cloud solution, you can grow when you need without significant changes(just order more resources). All hardware is maintained by the provider. And with a dedicated server, you need someone who constantly monitoring not only your resources but also storage state.

With cloud you are getting storage, that's all, no additional manipulation needed. With dedicated server you can create different RAID arrays and that should be monitoring at first place. I'm not saying about RAID0, but for example you have RAID1. When one HDD died, it's ok if you have seen the alert and replaced the HDD. But what if you missed that alert for some reason and second spare died... all information is lost.

So real Cloud server has many benefits, but Dedicated server offers also tasty to look at. In terms of services inside machine, both are the same. Also many good provider can allow you to use snapshots with Cloud solution, so you can do an instant backup before doing any job and if that fails, simply revcert back to the snapshot within seconds.
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There are so many web based design tools and marketing tools included in web hosting packages, that you really don't need to know much about html, programming, or otherwise.
I think the cloud will be the most demanding web hosting service in the future. Cloud is less expensive than dedicated servers, most of the organisations are not able to invest a huge amount of money.
Most of the cloud servers provide pay per use facility, so it would be useful. You just need to pay only for those resources that your website will consume.
It all depends on use case.

Most users choose coud as it is hype. HOwever to use aws, gc, azure you need to design for this otherwise cloud will always be more expensive then bare metal.

So you need to invest into proramming.... in case of aws for example you can bid for instances and pay 20/30% of the price but you will be kicked of it if a normal user registers...

Also lciensing issues - windows sql etc.... on azure you get better pricing otherwise you need to use spla pricing.

There are too many things to consider.


As we all know, cloud hosting booming nowadays. Reasons behind this are affordability, speed, security and on-demand resource allocation.
I think these are enough specifications of cloud hosting to fulfil any customer's requirements at less cost than dedicated hosting.
affordability is not part of the benefits... you will not get the same performance on a dedicated server vs cloud infra providers.
Many developers tend to deploy on dockers and tend to choose Software-as-a-Service on a cloud based solution so I would say that cloud hosting will be more demanding than the traditional dedicated hosting service in the future.
Surely cloud services are easier to use and deply.

If we talkign about heroku or other focer alternatives then of course this is easier.

If we are talkign about 1 app then yes.

If you want to host 200 apps....

From the performance perspective dedicated servers are better but this needs management patching security so there are other elements to take into account.

Cloud server, because it is easily configurable and it is possible in the shortest time to add RAM, CPU, SSD or HDD, etc.
For a dedicated server, it is necessary to open a ticket to the support department to find out if it is possible to upgrade to the platform you use or not.
Dedicated server hosting -

If you want a hosting service for the large business or organization then I think dedicated hosting would be a good choice. If you are not worried about the cost then, dedicated hosting is all time good to go option for you.

This will provide you with a separate server and resources. But, to manage a dedicated server, the business needs dedicated IT team capacity and high level of management for the maintenance, upgrades and patches purpose.

Cloud hosting -

Cloud hosting provides you with a high level of performance and security. If you want to pay only as per your usage then cloud hosting can be a good choice.

The data hosted on the cloud is very elastic and you can easily up-scale or down-scale it as per your choice.
Any sensitive data on these servers is therefore extremely well protected.

No it is not as like any server it can still be hacked if you do not have adequate security software etc. installed as all it takes is a weak website on the server for a hacker to gain access to the server regardless if its a shared server or a dedicated server.