Core Web Vitals Score versus SERP Ranking


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Yeah, this was supposed to roll out in May but has now been pushed to June.

For the past 6 months or so, we've been actively working on this with clients. Lots of tweaks.
The main 3 that we have been focused on are:
  • First Contentful Paint
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Time to Interactive
Much of this comes down to optimizing images, and removing unused javascript & CSS. So many WordPress sites use the Bootstrap CSS, but they use only a very small portion of it. Same with all the jquery loading. So we've been busy auditing sites, documenting exactly what they use in the site, then extracting only those sections. This results in a much smaller file, and that results in faster speeds.

The kicker, as always, is a separate CSS for mobile vs desktop. Double the work, double the fun ;)


Are you prepared for Google's rollout this June?
I'm not preparing, but it will be interesting to see how it will impact ranking. If it will. Because there are so many other important factors and it should only work if sites are similar content and off page optimization wise. You can load or paint or whatever in speed of light, but there will always be sites that take first positions, like large online stores.