Coming soon: WHMCS Domain Tools!


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Greetings from the ideas department @ WHMCS Guru. While I’m still working on getting some of the older mods updated and rewritten, I came across an idea, or rather, a need for WHMCS to do something better. So, another modification is born. I’ve always said that the best ideas are born out of necessity. Anyways….. On to the mod itself, or a bit of a ‘teaser’ if you will!

WHMCS has always done well with domains. I mean, you can register, transfer, renew, change owners, contacts, all that. However, to me, it feels clunky. Like if I want to find out who owns what domain (in my case, all me), or get a list of domains and statuses, that’s just not possible…. Until now!

I’m not going to go into too many details (yet), but trust me, this addon is going to be feature packed. It’s about 90% done, so ETA should be Q1 2023 some time! Take a look at the image and tell me what you think!

It's been a couple months since I announced this, but it's getting closer and closer now.

I'm in the final stages of cleaning up the code and it'll be out the door in the next few days.

Another screenshot. One of the reasons I put this together was so that I could have a place to keep my servers inventoried. Figured it'd go well inside of this, along with some 'suggestions' for hostnames ;)


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