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Have any of you been keeping up with Clientexec lately? They have outlined a roadmap for their redesign. I honestly think it looks amazing and the price is better than WHMCS in my personal opinion. Currently, if you were to use Clientexec, the software does look a bit dated. But, once this new update rolls out I think they will be a big contender against WHMCS.

The only complaint I have with Clientexec is the lack of modules they have compared to WHMCS. Which could change one day, especially after this update.
We don't use ClientExec or WHMCS but your post made me curious, so I went to take a look at the roadmap.

It looks like a huge visual improvement over what they have currently, really clean and modern.
It really does. Only time will tell on how long they will take on rolling out those features. I didn't notice an ETA on the roadmap.
I know who is behind the latest ClientExec moves and I think they are doing an exceptional job. The roadmap definitely looks enticing. It's always been a great piece of software and it's about to raise the bar. But as the case with the rest of this industry, software companies are afraid to innovate too much. This team is trying to do things differently. I suspect this will play out nicely for them in the long run.
We are using CE and trust me we found it better than blesta. The source code is closed but it doesn't matter if does the job right. We use both blesta and CE and found CE to be more user friendly & robust. Their new version is surely going to be game changer and we are also looking forward to it. And lastly their support team is directly available from within the panel so I get the issues resolved quickly and directly.
That's good to hear about Blesta. I've personally used all the major billing software providers out there and the direction that Clientexec is going seems like they will be ahead of the rest of the game for sure.
STILL not developer friendly . Gotta love it !

Their UI can be as refreshed as they want, but if developers cannot hook into their platform to do things, then it's useless.

APIs are useless without hook points when it comes to billing platforms

Knock WHMCS all you want (it certainly has it's flaws), but when it comes to developer friendly, they own the market
We use ClientExec has it's up point and down points, Found support to be slow, but then again have not needed too much. We are looking at moving to HostBill in the near future

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