Affiliate or Reseller?


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There are pros and cons... It completely depends on you.

As a reseller, you build yourself a brand, and a recurring source of income. You required some technical skills to maintain in short more work is involved.

As a Affiliate, quick and easy setup, you don't need to worry about customers, no start-up capital required. Good if you have a high traffic website. If your affiliate site starts getting less traffic, your source of income dries up.


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If you can find a good provider for a good service, you trust in their support supply (quickly response, very useful), be a reseller for them, because they will do almost things for you.
but if they are just a good provider have a good services, but their support take much time (about haft day or more, although their services still very attractive and very compatible), be a affiliate person, you know why right :)


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It totally depends on whether you can attend the customers or not.

If you have enough time for responding to their queries go for a reseller account and if don't have enough time then affiliate is your thing.


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It totally depends on if you're able to operate a hosting services. Reseller is a company or individual who purchases products or services to resell them to potential customers rather than consume or use them, Affiliate is a company or individual who promotes a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on the sale when such occurs.
Of-course reseller hosting or even shared hosting is much better than affiliate marketing because of you can earn more money than affiliate for long term.


Affiliate is for more peoples who don't have the time or the money to invest in a web hosting business or those who don't have any knowledge in web hosting.

If you are very active on forums then you can have your affiliate code in your signature, this way you are doing what you like and you can earn money at the same time.


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Affiliate is for more peoples who don't have the time or the money to invest in a web hosting business or those who don't have any knowledge in web hosting.
Not really.

Many webhosts offer affiliate links to their own clients, this way a hosts clients can earn money to offset their hosting bills by recommending their host to others.

Is it better to become an affiliate marketer and sell with no risk or its better to start a reselling business?

Reseller Hosting can set up own business for you , you can your own way of setting up product prices. Purchase a shared hosting service and set up reseller account.
Based on my experience, i will say reseller business is better than affiliate business the reason is that before you can make reasonable money as an affiliate you must be good in marketing, have time to promote the product and sometime spend money for marketing. So, instead of spending time and money marketing someone product that will pay you 20-30 percentage of your sales it is better to market your own product and get the full money and also maintain the buyer for recurring sales.


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I believe if you have the time, resources and qualities a reseller plan is good idea. You will have a standalone white-labelled product to call your own and you can price it as you want. Ofcourse you will be responsible for all support to your customers unlike affiliate program where you have no responsibility or obligation towards those you refer.


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Selling hosting through an affiliate program is harder than reselling business.

Our suggestion is you would go for reseller hosting.



Both are profitable. It depends on your skills.

If you are at selling then go hosting Affiliate.
But if you are a good customer support then reseller hosting would be a much better choice.


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Affiliate marketing is also good if you don’t have technical skills and yes reselling is also good but for that also need technical skills

I know that every one his own opinion and here is my opinion that reseller is better than affiliate, that helps you to design your own packages and sell to your client