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Hi All

since 2015 i have had WHMXTRA licences from adarshhost as these are only $2.50 a licence compared to $3.95 from buycpanel.

These licences have always worked and at first invoices arrived every month as they should. For the last 12 months they have failed to send invoices. when i submit a ticket asking then what they are playing at they say they have been sent each month, but strange that as soon as i ticket them i get the invoices that they have not sent, so i end up having to pay 2 to 3 months invoices at a time, because these invoices do arrive once i tell them, this makes me believe they are not sending these each month.

This seems a strange way to run a business, although the licences still work even though invoices remain unpaid for months on end.

It is not my job as a client of theirs to keep chasing invoices, so today i find the last due invoice is for Dec. 2016, so once i pay this the jan invoice will be generated etc.
so i have told them enough is enough and cancelled my licences as i would rather pay a bit extra as licencecube do these for $2.95 a licence and get regular invoices.

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