A really boring industry?


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If you take a closer look, the vast majority of web hosting companies that invest their time on social media (because they have to?) like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — see absolutely zero engagement. No shares, no comments, no likes. You may see impressions/views, but if it leads to no action, does it really matter?

I am yet to see an example of a successful social media marketing campaign, unless a lot of money is involved (major giveaways).

What are some of the creative ways to reach out to new audiences or serve the interests of an existing clientele that you've either applied yourself or have seen in practice by other companies? Have they worked? And if you had a consistent marketing budget, what would you spend it on?


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For prospects, advertising on web hosting forums does draw new clientele. Facebook leads for views. For clients, email broadcasting still works well.


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Sometimes when I browse Facebook, I have the impression that this platform consists only of ads, which is why I have not used it for some time. I think that not only I have this opinion, and I always omit all the ads that Facebook offers me. A few years ago I advertised my products on my fanpage and it brought a positive response - today I see no sense.
You are right. I have invested money in Social Media ads in the past but got nothing except new visitors.

Only Forums are good for small companies. We should unite and protect forums. If we protect forums, then in return, forums will protect us.


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Rarely will you see someone interact with a web hosting company on social media in a positive manner.

Unfortunately, you only tend to see it when they are upset about something and want to trash the company publicly in order to elicit a response or to simply get their way on something. It's pretty much the same with forums, rating sites (i.e. Trust Pilot), etc.


SocialMedia can be good for brand awareness, not for conversions. We are spending over a million INR per month, and trust me Social Media Ads were a waste of money but few industries, like Apprials, and Health, get good conversions.


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and trust me Social Media Ads were a waste of money
Unfortunately, I can only agree with this statement. Our experiences in social media advertising were anything but positive.
Social media is very good for interacting with existing customers, but advertising on the platforms was not really useful, at least for us.


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Never tried social media, knew from the start it will not do well even without trying it. google search paid keywords convert well but are expensive.


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Frankly, I have never advertised in what would be considered tradition digital vehicles, I used to run workshops and promoted my hosting biz as a sponsor of the workshops, that built a base, ever since then it's been word of mouth. Now, that's the hard way of doing things, because growth is very slow that way IMHO, the saturation of this industry doesn't help, but to me slow growth is better than fast. I still haven't made my million yet, that's a work in progress : )