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    Hello from Coast Hosting!

    Welcome bro
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    RAM Usage showing error

    Hi, For 1 week, my one server is showing RAM usage on WHM is a little confusing. Look at these screenshots. Look at both screenshots. The terminal is showing correctly. But the WHM Status page is showing it with cache also. Is there any idea how can we fix that thing as normal?
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    Which domain extension is more valuable: .NET or .IO?

    Basically, both are good. Depend on which application you are going to host. Personally, I like .net than .io.
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    BitNinja vs Imunify360

    I like Imunify360 absolutely. Their Features are amazing. Bot attackers may hate imunify360..
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    virtualizor vs proxmox

    Virtualizor is good and the best thing is their support service. When we open a ticket most of the time they will reply within 1 hour. That is what I like about them.
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    Whmcs vs Hostbill

    It is the same happening to us. In Sri Lanka, we offer some hosting packages on an Annual Basis. Such as Annually 14$ like that. Actually, what WHMCS did, is worst now.
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    Intel or AMD ?

    Intel Xeon is better I guess. Because it has a great feature as Data Correction.