RAM Usage showing error


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For 1 week, my one server is showing RAM usage on WHM is a little confusing. Look at these screenshots.


Look at both screenshots.
The terminal is showing correctly.

But the WHM Status page is showing it with cache also.

Is there any idea how can we fix that thing as normal?


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The reason why you see different data set from WHM and free -m is because the WHM status reports pages doesn't rely (as you likely have guessed) on the free -m but on a historical RAM usage utility.

free -m does give you the current snapshot and it is a rather trustworthy output.

WHM status relies on the command:

sar -r

which would give a higher %memused than free -m.

Please note that you it is likely that you have some unclaimed cached memory which would increase the theoretical usage but not the actual one.

A good way to see whether you need more RAM is that if you see performances degradation and a high swap usage + RAM full on free -m