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    Who among us can relate to poor customer support?

    4.5 / 3.5 / 1+ hours. Wow, folks, you have fantastic patience. For me - waiting more than half an hour, it's like torture and I cut off my call in any way :)

    Registrant in another country?

    About your first question. If I remember right - WHOIS shows information about the domain, not about hosting. Second, you don't want to show your country to the hosting provider? Or you don't want to show your country in the whois service? If it's about the hosting provider, I think it's...

    Free opportunity for hosting providers to get new customers!

    Do you need more clients? We can help you - Tell about your company without any fees. Do it for free: - Access your account on our website and manage your company profile - Add plans for hosting/servers and our visitors will find you using plan choices or hosting advisor -...

    How do i know if my cPanel hosting is too expensive?

    The price should be fair. I mean, ask the question, why your customer pays such a price: reliability, speed, 24/7 support, and e.t Do you have such an excellent service? - Then your price will be expensive, and it's fair, you'll attract serious customers (I agree with And vice...

    Best domain provider ?

    Really? How did you solve this problem? This is a really interesting case because we don't have such bad reviews. And it seems to be a very easy and common procedure, I mean the transfer.

    Best domain provider ?

    I vote for good reviews, not bad prices, reliable.

    Ways to choose the right Hosting Provider for you!

    If we tell about payment - the biggest part of web hostings has a refund plan. So if you are unsatisfied - you can obtain your money back.

    Email vs. Comments: Which is Better?

    100% - You can't be in the all channels that your customer imagine :) As for me - the more channels you use, the more chances that you'll make mistakes and miss some complaints from customer

    Free hosting

    Free hosting - it's a great opportunity for studying, how to create and manage a website. But - for business purposes, it's not a good idea. IMHO - you want make business, then pay for good and reliable tools. Hosting - it's a very important tool for online business

    How Valuable is DDoS Protection to You?

    DDoS protection isn't the key factor, but it's really a very important thing because even a simple info website, or small companies website can meet such a type of attack. In the last ten year, I had dealt with DDoS a couple of times.

    Dedicated Server

    As for me, before you start to look for the right server, you should think - maybe a dedicated server is not necessary at all. I mean I'm in my practice meet a lot of companies, who order dedicated server but for their website will be enough shared hosting. But, if dedicated - it's a must (I...

    what is the difference between shared hosting and wordpress hosting??

    WordPress hosting has a range of specific settings exactly for WP CMS. And if you have a website on this platform - you should definitely choose a WordPress hosting

    What will you make to switch your cloud storage provider?

    Security and reliability - it's the most important things when you need save important business data


    Hmmm, interesting, do we have hostings for people who like golf :)))))

    What special features do customers look for in shared hosting?

    Uptime + Speed and good support. It's two biggest reasons