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    Full Disconnect From Technology - Highly Recommended!

    It is true that you get very limited time off in the States? Of course if you are self employed it depends on your own wishes but in a typical non-covid year I'm usually away for one week skiing with friends and at least 3 or 4 weeks with my spouse. And probably a few long weekends as well...
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    virtualizor vs proxmox

    Why did you move if I might ask?
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    What made you select your Hosting Provider?

    Of course customer service and support are a given but in the end for me it comes down to performance. If the performance is good than you barely need any customer support. Therefore I believe price is not necessarily among the strongest criteria. The problem is that the proof is in the...
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    Site changed to dark-mode first - opinions?

    For me personally I like it mostly because of the user experience aspect, not so much so much about saving energy, although that is important as well. I'm usually a bit more diligent with darkmode while using my phone than when I'm on desktop. Also I feel like businesses who have the darkmode...
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    Which VPS is better to sign up with?

    I checked them both out. They each have their own advantages, for example if you want to pay with cryptos than you can go with the second one. The first one looks better overall looking at the website. Why did you select these two specifically?