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    Essential Pages for a new website

    The minimum page count is 1. There is no definitive number of how many pages you should have. You should have as many pages as you need, or as many as you need to explain and educate the visitor for the subject or purchase or whatever your website is targeted towards. If you treat your website...
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    Which dedicated hosting providers are now accepting cryptocurrencies

    The entire sector in general has taken a beating. I think FTX is going to set back the "trust" value of many cryptos for months/years to come.
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    AWS Versus Dedicated Server Solutions

    We've used AWS for a large eCommerce client that likes to run flash sales. The site is WordPress with WooCommerce and a heavily customized database. The reason we went the AWS route is scalability. Since they run flash sales, they don't always need the power, but every 2 or 3 months they'll run...
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    Webpages Instant indexing in google search engine

    Submit a sitemap.xml via Search Console. Generate a link from a site that is currently indexed to point to your home page. This usually speeds up the indexing process. Be aware, there is an API that people talk about using, however, this is only designed to be used by publishing sites (news...
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    Issuing Refunds to Accounts Terminated for Abuse

    Terms of Service should have this particular incident clearly outlined. For us, we terminated and did not issue a refund, but quoted our TOS in a response/notice to the client. I did have some incidents where we terminated the relationship due to abuse of staff in which I issued a partial or...
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    On what forums and rating sites do you advertise your hosting?

    Yup. When it comes to Facebook, don't target Web Hosting as an interest - target other groups. Years ago I had great success targeting "scrapbooking" people. These folks would often setup websites to showcase their work, service or templates that others could purchase. Some of them were just...
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    Low Earth orbit visualization map

    I remember a few years ago NASA released a still image and it was amazing, but the interactive version is a nice step forward. It's WAY too slow rendering on my end. Auto Refresh should be disabled by default. It's still loading on my end and it's been 10+ minutes. Granted, there is a ton of...
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    On what forums and rating sites do you advertise your hosting?

    I'll not giving up my sources as I don't need more competitors to drive up the pricing :) HOWEVER, think about forums where the users are ideal candidates. Posting an ad in a thread is one thing, but people often overlook them. As mentioned previously, think about sticky posts and pay more...
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    Increase website traffic

    Aside from content on your own website, think about content on YouTube - especially how-to articles in the web hosting world. It's different for different industries, but I've seen a lot of success with posting how-to, semi-technical, and extremely basic videos on YouTube. Oh, and then you...
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    Adding Keywords to the End of Title Tags in SEO

    Google doesn't have a recommended page title length: The recommendations of 50-70 characters are from SEO Websites and Experts based on years of testing. And even then, we base it on pixel length for various devices. Google does...
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    why do so many need to buy dedicated hosting from another provider?

    Your home internet generally does not support the needs of a commercial infrastructure. While it's true that many home internet connections range from 40-100mbps, and that's faster than some small hosting companies, it's usually against the TOS of your internet company. Factor in the...
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    hello! Every one

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Is there any major difference between VPS vs Dedicated hosting?

    These days, unless you have a specific requirement for unique packages not commonly installed on a web hosting account, then a dedicated server is most likely overkill. There are exceptions such as large sites, load balancing, database separation, security etc - but at that point you're talking...
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    How do i know if my cPanel hosting is too expensive?

    Ask yourself a simple question - would you pay that price? The price of cPanel is not a factor, it's the service that comes with the hosting. If you believe your prices are too low, then they are. The same goes if they're too high. Acknowledge and realize that your service is not for...
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    Is participating in or having your own show worthwhile in the hosting industry?

    At the end of the day, it's gong to depend on the type of show and the clients you're targeting. For most hosts, participating in HostingCon or similar is not going to yield business unless you're a data center, or offer something really unique other hosts can benefit from. When first starting...