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    G-Suite and website customer inquiry page submission issue

    MX Routing. Check the server where you're hosting the site. Verify that the MX is not routing mail locally. If you're using cPanel, under the Mail section, click the option for MX Routing and set it to External. Other hosts have similar methods, but cPanel I remember off the top of my head...
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    DDoS - Are you protected?

    We only suffered one HUGE DDoS attack in the years I ran things. And it was big and unexpected. I don't remember the size, but it was in the several hundred MB/s range.. Most hosts were running with 1MB/s-10MB/s switches. It was the late 90s, early-2000's, and bandwidth then is completely...
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    RAID is NOT a disaster recovery solution

    My old hosting company has suffered its share of disaster situations, and thankfully over the years, we had enough disaster recovery processes in place that when the next one came along, we were prepared. Steve, I think you weathered through a few servers that were in recovery mode during your...
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    Howdy from north of north Quebec, Canada

    Welcome to the group!
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    Running a web hosting business

    Top 3 things I advise in any business; Monitor your competition, don't follow them You are better than your competition - show the world why Set attainable goals Not everything is an emergency. Learn to set priorities Know your strengths, delegate (or hire) when necessary
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    Live chat. What happens when it's not live?

    I've noticed more and more companies not recording the chat logs for user review - meaning, me as a customer, I should be allowed to re-read what was done before. This was something we had available to our clients when I ran hosting. A user could see any ticket they entered, and any live chat...
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    Does whois data will work for marekting

    I'm a HUGE advocate for gMail for personal and business (Google Workspace). Their spam filtering has rarely let me down. The report spam is also just a click of a button, and they do the rest, so I use that regularly. I believe Office365 has something similar and again, decent filtering on a...
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    How can we handle shared licenses

    The only advice I can offer is that instead of competing on price, you compete on a different level. Whether that level is customer support, SLAs, more space, auto installation of scripts, or other features, that's going to depend on your business model. There are a few dozen threads here on...
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    Where do you buy servers and network gear in EU,US and Asia?

    If you are going to Colo, check with the center you're looking to house in. They may have a direct line to a place, or may even have machines on site that you could purchase. Be careful buying used equipment, especially ones that you won't have direct access to. If something fails, you need to...
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    Does whois data will work for marekting

    If you send the person an email using a mailer software it would be considered UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) and would be subject to state and federal laws within the US (depending on the state, you could potentially receive a bill for every email you send - see California for example)...
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    Google Domains, ResellerClub, eNom & NameCheap are the places that I currently have domains with. When I ran a hosting company, ResellerClub and eNom were the two that we used, and we linked them through WHMCS for billing and management. I couldn't imagine turning a customer lose on their...
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    What are you support hours during the Christmas break

    When I ran hosting, we offer 24x7x365. On the big holidays (Christmas & New Year especially), we ran with a reduced crew - essentially the same staff that we would run a normal weekend. I've seen some hosts completely close their support and say "we'll be back on Monday" - which I've never...
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    Free SEO tools

    Until this year, Bing Webmaster Tools was a non-contender. They did a massive revamp and put a lot of effort into their system, and today it is quite useful for a lot of people. Prior to 2020, their tool really didn't have a voice and was more just an interface to upload an XML file and update...
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    Is your website readable?

    If you're ever bored, have a look at the JavaScript that powers LightHouse (the audit tool inside Chrome). This is the javascript segment dealing with Font Size - https://github.com/GoogleChrome/lighthouse/blob/master/lighthouse-core/audits/seo/font-size.js This tool flags anything less than...
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    That trend for everything on a page to move

    I"m with you :) We get requests from clients to "make it pop" and that can mean anything from bold text to hot pink background (yes, that was a background request, yes we objected, yes we implemented it as the client paid us!) Rarely do I like things that fly in or out. On a mobile phone, it's...