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  1. Artashes

    Ayox.NET Opinions?

    ForumVPS.com sounds like a good name. It can clearly serve one particular function ⏤ a VPS-specific forum (or a VPS provider focused on forum hosting). Given that VPSBoard.com, once a promising community, was completely mismanaged and pretty much killed by late owners, there is definitely an...
  2. Artashes

    Ayox.NET Opinions?

    It may have had some value if it was a .COM. .NET is losing its footing a bit in the domain world, with so many new gTLD available. A name like this, which runs more on brand name than meaning, would have really benefited from also having .COM. So I'd have to say you are probably looking at...
  3. Artashes

    Howdy from north of north Quebec, Canada

    Hey Lorne, fellow Canadian here. Welcome to HD. Glad you decided to join and I certainly look forward to seeing you around. If you have any questions, you are free to contact me directly.
  4. Artashes

    Does whois data will work for marekting

    That is a very brave estimate. I'd say almost no one reports spammers nowadays. A vast majority has accepted it as part of life and won't spend any more seconds than they have to to stop something they know can't be stopped. Which is why they won't bother.
  5. Artashes

    How can we handle shared licenses

    You can only control what's happening in your own company. If you suspect anyone else to use software with a cracked license, the most you can do is bring this to the attention of the company. But since you probably cannot spend your days researching and weeding out such companies, the next best...
  6. Artashes

    Credit Card Processors

    Oh my, that's one service I haven't heard in a while! I used to use 2checkout in the very early 2000s, but since it was an overkill for what I needed, it was a short period of time. But it's nice to see it is still around and doing well.
  7. Artashes

    Some thoughts about data centers

    Definitely lower pricing. Just as the past 20 years have reduced the price of a simple shared hosting plan from $40-50/month to $20/year, just as VPS and dedicated server pricing fell, the trend will continue.
  8. Artashes

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of our members and their families and friends.

    Steve, what a great idea. I would love to join in on wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season. 2020 has been a record challenging year for a lot of people. But know that wherever you are, however alone you are celebrating due to COVID restrictions (in Canada the rules are especially...
  9. Artashes

    That trend for everything on a page to move

    I am a minimalist when it comes to design. Even a "discount for newsletter signup" that pops up first thing upon a visit is annoying to me. Like I don't even know what you are selling yet, why make me click the "x" as a first impression. 😖
  10. Artashes

    How much does color affect your website design

    As a hobbyist street style photographer, the reason why black and white colours have such an impact is because it not only transcends the feeling of timelessness and hides any defect in colour shots (for the most part), but also because B&W is also always consistent, while colour is not, unless...
  11. Artashes

    Proofreading your website - how important is it?

    In the same way, if I see a website, or a communication (solicitation email, direct message), with bad grammar and/or spelling, it's game over. I can't stand it. One More Thing I Can't Stand Is Capitalization Of Every Word. Where The Hell Did This Trend Even Come From. or people that are too...
  12. Artashes

    Know, like and trust

    I can vouch for that. 👍
  13. Artashes

    Reseller or VPS

    It's posts like these that make me go: What would a company you are working for say when they find out you don't know the answer to a question like this (or do know?), or even asking it in the first place? While you are obviously hired to "promote" them, keep in mind that it actually looks...
  14. Artashes

    Know, like and trust

    I was just thinking the other day, how hard is it really to make things personal? If I saw real faces of people behind the company, support staff, that would make things so different, in a good way! It would send a message that a company isn't hiding behind digital walls and it would humanize...
  15. Artashes

    SSL certificate

    You missed the angle of Steve's post. He was talking about consumers not caring what SSL you have. As long as they see a secure site, that's all they care for.