WHMCS Updates?


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Has anyone started noticing that the new releases of WHMCS, have been pointless.

I've noticed that WHMCS has only been releasing updates to add stuff they are reselling and few, little to none, features.

I've wanted to add CloudFlare Turnstile to my WHMCS and I had to build my own plugin just to accomplish it.
Yeah WHMCS has some much needed missing features that I wish were there by default. Instead I have had to do a lot of custom coding. Showing percentage discounts when ordering for more than monthly. Getting rid of the unnecessary ns1 and ns2 prefix when ordering a Server etc.
I agree - most WHMCS updates are usually focused on providing information about their business partners. There are no significant changes regarding the structure and appearance. Naturally, this has been the case for a long time.
In certain cases, this also applies to errors in the operation of software equipment. We reached out to the support team of WHMCS service multiple times requesting a resolution to the software conflict or solutions according to their instructions, but we did not receive the necessary assistance. We were informed that we needed to wait for an update, and perhaps the issue would be addressed in it.
Eventually, our developers wrote the code themselves, effectively resolving the problem.

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