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Those that know me know I don't like to post reviews, or recommend services. Partly, because I don't like the thought of being "accountable" if said service is bad (to some), partly because I kind of want to keep the stuff I find as 'good' to myself, so that I can enjoy it longer, as it were... Rarely have I ever made an exception, but I feel that Nexusbytes is a perfect example of said exception.

After years of doing business with Ramnode, and a sale that they tried to hide and keep quiet from clients, I found myself unable to trust my own VPS / cloud provider. So around February of this year, I started looking for a new one. I settled on vultr for the throwaway stuff (proxy, chat, etc), stuff I didn't care about much, that I wasn't backing up regularly, etc, but for other, more serious stuff, I wanted something more in depth, something more like Ramnode. Enter Nexusbytes

While Nexusbytes doesn't have a true 'cloud' setup (it's more like VPS), I have found myself extremely happy with their service, their network, and their staff, for the most part. There have been issues, and there was a pretty large entry issue (something to do with the OS template as I understand it), but for the past 8(ish) months now, they've hosted my backups and VPS servers efficiently, and without issues. There WAS one issue with email getting caught in spam, and them not being able to identify it, but that's all part of email and offloading it. I'm still quite happy with their email and other services ;)

Price wise, they are on par with what I was paying with Ramnode. Service wise, they're on a whole different level, a much better one.

If you dig around their services, you can find addons like $1/month (unlimited) DA + Softaculous license, which is incredible

I cannot say enough good about Nexusbytes!
Not every client would go to such an extent of writing an honest and positive review, so it definitely goes a long way. Glad you found a reliable provider for your needs.

Btw, do you know if Nexusbytes is part of this forum? How did you come across them?
I have no idea if they’re here or not. Hell , I can barely remember how I came across them , they really are a somewhat hidden gem. Maybe through browsing LET , or that other place

originally, I had designs set on just using them for backup storage , but the way they handled the initial server issue was beyond great , so I moved mail over, and everything else

they do offer management services, but I cannot attest to those :)
NexusBytes have been around for a long time have a very loyal customer base over on LET and LEB. Recently the service has slumped due with tickets not being responded to but this was due owner getting sick with Covid 19, i believe it's bounced back though as he released a statement over on LET.
This thread is a year and a half old. Unfortunately, just after I posted this, the founder / owner got seriously sick and company went to garbage.

They aren't even in business any longer
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