Free WHMCS Theme - Freemium Launched By Zomex


LONDON, UK - January 23rd, 2024 - Zomex, a premium web hosting template provider has just launched its first completely free WHMCS Theme.

Commenting on the launch, chief executive officer of Zomex, Jack Curtis, said:

"We are very excited to launch our very first FREE WHMCS Theme. Freemium is a theme for WHMCS where it's possible to launch a legitimate business at no cost. We provide optional premium themes should you later wish to upgrade for more features."

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About Zomex

Based in the UK, Zomex has successfully helped hundreds of customers from across the world start their web hosting business the right way - providing our premium WHMCS, WordPress & HTML web hosting themes & WHMCS configuration.

What sets Zomex apart from the competition is its knowledge of the web hosting market, ensuring advice and guidance is of the highest quality.

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