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just for provoke discussion and benefit.
When you want to buy dedicated hosting on what basis do you choose a hosting provider?
1. Location (in relation to target audience)
2. Track record (it instinctively depends on support in most cases)
3. Relationship (if a provider was recommended by someone I trust)
4. Price (it's always last on my list)
when you take the location for a dedicated server

you will focus on the purpose, what are you hosting, and who are your users.

is that enough?

Or are you focusing on something else?
Artashes answered this pretty well.

Location is often a key factor. However, this really depends on the type of service you wish to run. These days networking is pretty stable between a lot of locations and with things such as webhosting it doesn't matter quite as much as it used to. Games and low latency needs are typically the main reasons people pick specific locations these days. Other reasons might be if you have a office in Manhattan NY you might want servers in New York if your staff are connecting to those for data.

Price seems to be a big factor for some companies or people, others rather spend extra and believe paying more gets you a better service which isn't always the case. That being said sometimes too cheap = not a great option either. A happy balance is always nice.

Support is another reason people want to choose a company. Do they have 24/7 support or just business hours? This can be a tricky one. Knowing where staff are can sometimes help. For example we have a few staff in Europe and other locations to help cover different hours of business.

Relationship is also a big one finding a company you trust. Word of mouth is quite often times really helpful to find who is a great company to work with. I've seen headaches from customers who have tried multiple places only to leave after issues. That being said it's always suggested to try and work out problems with a provider before just leaving. This is how relationships can be formed and broken. Some customers will have one single issue and rage leaving their provider. There are issues that sometimes come up in this industry such as network routing issues, power outages, equipment failures you name it. While those should all be rare issues sometimes come up.
1) Location
2) Reliability, quality of the provider's hardware
3) Support
4) Hosting should be loyal to the hosted content

Also I pay attention to the flexibility in choosing a payment method, for me a good option is payment in a crypto.
here are some factors that you can consider while choosing hosting provider
Customer as well as technical support
Reliability , uptime and security of server
flexibility in site backups
hosting plan rates
Price first and foremost. Most reputable providers are reliable. But after price, of course comes reliability and support. If I rent a dedicated server, I need to know if something goes wrong on their end that it can be resolved fast.
When choosing a dedicated hosting provider, consider factors such as:
  • Reliability
  • Performance,
  • Security,
  • Customer support,
  • Pricing,
and any additional features or services offered.

It's also a good idea to read reviews and compare the specifications and pricing of multiple providers before making a decision.
Before buying a dedicated server, you should also read bad reviews as many as possible on different resources IMHO.
And I put support in the first place. This is the most important thing in a good hosting company.
As long as you don't have any problems and everything is working perfectly - you never think about the future and that a problem might happen.
But when it happens, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is - you run around like a stung and try to contact the support service, which has not responded for 18 hours, and the server is down.

This was recently with my friend, who is hosted on OVH. More precisely already hosted.
But when it happens [...] you run around like a stung and try to contact the support service, which has not responded for 18 hours, and the server is down.

This was recently with my friend, who is hosted on OVH.
Something to know about OVH is that if you expect support, it comes at an extra cost. There is a fee structure that profiles each level of support you receive. Your friend likely didn't pay for premium support.

Not to say that it is okay regardless. A couple of my companies hosted at OVH and we had a similar experience. I had to reach out to my friendly contacts at OVH to ask them to escalate our issue with their support department.
I typically default to the following:
  1. Age of Server hardware - If it ain't at least DDR4 era (personal preference) I don't need it.
  2. Amount of Bandwidth - If I order a dedicated server, it needs to come with enough bandwidth to suit the use case.
  3. Reliability of Provider - If the provider has good uptime, no worries
  4. Not as important but DDoS protection if it is needed, some providers offer no protection at all.
Pretty much all the providers nowadays come with a money back guarantee.
So you are free to explore different web hosts and pick the best.
When considering the purchase of dedicated web hosting it is best to look at:

Performance and Reliability
Scalability and Flexibility
Cost and Value

Also considering looking up in Google searches and see the company history as well as reading reviews from Trust Pilot or any other sources.
For me:
1. Datacenter trustworthiness
2. Hardware specifications (latest or old)
3. Network performance / major peerings
4. Datacenter security protocols
5. If possible booking a tour to datacenter
6. Location as per requirement / how far it's away from major cities
7. Online reviews and customer support
1) Location
2) Support
3) Reliability
4) Hosting should be loyal to the hosted content

In that specific order.

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