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I used to operate a news blog when the older version of the forum ran on vBulletin. It was an interesting project, but one that required a great investment of time and money.

A couple of months ago I searched the web for "web hosting news". To my surprise, even the top ranked sources' 'latest news' dated back to 2022, 2023.

It seemed like a good idea to try again so I am readying to launch a news source as part of The working title is just "Web Hosting News", which sounds on point, but a bit bland. Web Hosting Watch, Web Hosting Radar, Web Hosting Wire/Newswire are also options. Do you like any of these?

Can you think of a better name?
Looking forward to this! I agree with you, Web Hosting News is spot on but bland. Web Hosting Watch or Radar would be next for me. I hope others will chime in too on their thoughts!
I would stick with Web Hosting News, I think it would be better to achieve higher search engine rankings - people are more likely to search for 'web hosting news' than any of the other ones. Of course, that isn't the only factor.

Excellent idea though, it would be great to see something like this. At the moment, we have to rely on this forum, other forums, vendor press releases and blogs; it'll be nice to have all this aggregated into one place.
From an SEO perspective, use "news" as that's what people would search for if looking for web hosting news.

You can always give it a tagline - "Web Hosting News - The Source To Watch" or whatever. I wouldn't discard the word "news," that's your most powerful asset.
Maybe Web Hosting News is bland as a name, but it does convey what the site would be about. I agree with BigRedSEO that a tagline would help.
I have hoped to launch the news outlet in time for CloudFest USA. Unfortunately it just wasn't ready.

For the past two weeks we've been dealing with a couple of very annoying errors when it came to embedded content. I think that we have finally resolved the issues, which means we aren't super far away from making the debut. I'd give me another week or so to prepare. 🫡
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