Best Practices for setting up a PFSense Firewall


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So I've decided to go with PFSense for my firewall and I would like some tips for setting it up. So far I've got 2

1.) Restricted Admin Access by using a strong password and allowing IP based access to the admine portal.

2.) Restrict Internal Network Access

Do you guys have any other suggestions? anything helps
3.) Enable Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) to monitor and block suspicious network traffic.

4.) Set up VPN access for secure remote connections to your network.

5.) Regularly update PFSense to ensure you have the latest security patches and features.

6.) Implement firewall rules to control inbound and outbound traffic based on your organization's security policies.

7.) Enable logging and monitoring to track network activity and detect any unusual behavior.

8.) Use VLANs to segregate and secure different parts of your network.

9.) Regularly review and audit your firewall settings to ensure they align with your security requirements.

10.) Consider setting up multi-factor authentication for added security when accessing the admin portal.
You may want to put in a server that can act like a hypervisor. Install the PFsense in one of the Virtual Machines. You may want to look at at Proxmox as a possible hypervisor OS.

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