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I saw this recently on another XF-based forum that I participate in and at first I was like "woah, this looks busy"... but then, as days and weeks went by, it started to grow on me. Apparently it kept on growing to a point of me adding the same functionality to HostingDiscussion to see what it'd look like.

This addon automatically adds favicons* to links in several areas (posts, signatures, profile posts, etc). It will highlight links and also will help users to easily identify the website they will be going to by clicking a link.

Whether you are linking to an outside source like Wikipedia, linking to an internal page, reminding people of your social media account they absolutely need to follow or die, or sharing an important file via Dropbox, it will make the links stand out.

What do you think? Should we give it a chance, or should I kill it right away?

* a favicon is a graphic image (icon) associated with a particular website.
I noticed it in my signature this morning when replying to a post, it looks pretty cool in my opinion.

I think it could look pretty annoying if there is a load of links in a post though. As you say, it looks very busy in the sentence you've included a few links - whereas your signature looks good with them included as they seem to look more subtle and inline.
I say keep it (for now). It'll be a great test to see if someone is spamming links to the same place ;)

I'm all for calling attention to links when they're warranted, and every link SHOULD be warranted, or else we'd delete them :)
Honestly? I find it distracting, but maybe that's because it's 'new'?
Went to make an announcement post this morning (of course it had links), and it seems that those were all taken over.

Maybe a way to disable that when making specific posts is in order? Like, in the post options?

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