7,000 domains - I need the right eNom reseller...


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I've been an eNom reseller for 24 years. I'm closing my business this year and looking for a good home for my customers. I also resell RackSpace Mailboxes. I have about 7,000 domains and 1000+ mailboxes.

I'd like to find a US based eNom reseller, but ideally one who also handles 25GB RS mailboxes, or would consider adding that service. I could push domains into your eNom account, avoiding registrar transfers. And hopefully customers who have RS mailboxes would be able to keep them.

Any interested eNom resellers out there?
Hmmm, no eNom resellers interested in having more domain customers? That's surprising.
And I've never used or sold eNom mailboxes, but I see they also have 25GB mailboxes. My mailbox customers could conceivably be converted from Rackspace to eNom for that as well.