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    Payment gateway

    Stripe is a good payment processor for WHMCS and is a processor that we actively use :). They also have a startup program you could look into.
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    Old SEO tactics that never seem to go away

    This is an excellent explanation thanks for sharing your knowledge! Would you say that creating new pages and reusing content from say the 'WordPress Hosting' page can have a negative effect on rankings?
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    Best hardware brand.

    My preference is HP, I find them really easy to work with although we do a mix of Dell/HP I would definitely do look more for HP deals than Dells. iDrac is quite nice and has some more functionality though than ILO but ILO has better features for IPMI and gives me less hassle.
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    Social network

    It really depends on your target audience, understanding them will give you a better insight into what social platform would be best for you. Personally, I find Facebook quite good.
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    A useless PING clock - but I kinda want one too!!

    Wow, that's a neat clock! I could actually see myself building one of these!
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    Forum downtime (April 18, 2022)

    These things happen, perhaps some monitoring should be setup if it's not already to catch these issues earlier on :)
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    Does Apple's M1 chip has a future in web hosting?

    I can't see Apple M1 chips taking off any time soon for hosting but who knows what they'll have in the future!
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    Intel or AMD ?

    Personally, I prefer AMD but we at SpeedyPage do use Intel, it mainly comes down to CPU value when choosing, we may well release a range of services on AMD soon!
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    Does datacenter location matter to you?

    Definitely. Hosting nearer your target audience is the way to go, along with using CDNs if you're global. For example, SpeedyPage has a few PoPs in Australia, Singapore, US, UK and a few others.
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    What special features do customers look for in shared hosting?

    In terms of having multiple websites hosted in their own accounts, you're correct, but you can with many providers host multiple websites in one shared hosting account such as addon domains for cPanel etc.
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    VPN services

    Same as @S4 Hosting I use a VPN for mainly DNS issues and checking CDN PoPs from other locations. I personally use ExpressVPN just for the locations they offer.
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    Elon Musk's $43B hostile takeover of Twitter

    I was sceptical that it was going to go ahead, I wonder what will change in the months to come with Twitter.
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    This website has 72% battery power remaining

    That's pretty awesome I like it! I'll keep it bookmarked to check back later I love the idea.
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    How important is website speed?

    Not many people think about returning visitors, this is exceptionally annoying for them it's good to think outside the box.
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    virtualizor vs proxmox

    It really depends on what you're trying to gain, is it for your own personal machines or to sell? Proxmox is excellent for your own machines.