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    Feedback and advise on my website?

    I'm sorry but the site simply takes too long to load. Can you please check if it is live or not? It is live, I tried from a Dutch IP and it works. Have you banned IPs from India? If so, why? I'd say your site looks great. But the design somewhat looks to be non-friendly 1. Domain (is it very...
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    How important are business plans?

    What is a business plan? I'd say it is the promise to keep working hard at a fixed set of principle-based ideas. And be flexible enough to change it once you see something that needs to be. And rigid enough not to change it frequently. To this broad definition, I'd say a plan is very important...
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    What made you select your Hosting Provider?

    Way back in 2010 when we were doing reselling under another brand, we always chose Softlayer. Simply because they were very responsive support and they used only the best hardware. But they were costly. Premium was well justified.
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    Choosing a Colocation provider?

    From my experience, customers look at pricing, connectivity and backup features for power. Timely responsive remote hands also make a DC very attractive. In the end, when something goes down, you can not be running to the DC each and every time. Remote Hands is crucial for this (and it needs to...