wordpress and malware


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Nowdays wordpress sites get easily infected by malware, is there any good security plugin(free or paid) to scan wordpress site on realtime?



There are several security plugins available for WordPress that can help protect your site from malware. Some popular free options include:
  • Wordfence Security: This plugin provides real-time scanning, firewall protection, and malware detection.
  • All In One WP Security and Firewall: This plugin offers a variety of security features, including malware scanning, user account security, and file integrity checking.
  • Sucuri Security: This plugin provides malware scanning and removal, a website firewall, and other security features.
It's important to note that no plugin can fully guarantee to prevent malware infection. Still, using Secure WordPress hosting, keeping a plugin, your WordPress core, and themes updated, and following best practices can significantly reduce the risk.


I don't prefer WordPress plugins to clean your infected installation; you should always go with managed security services on the server level from BitNinja, Immunify360 or other similar solutions. There are other options as well, like Securi but it is expensive


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I agree that using a host that has security services included, such as Imunify360 or BitNinja is the way to go.

Using one-off services like Securi is quite expensive and you will most likely need to use them again and again.