Which OS would you prefer to use?

Im regular Linux user for about 8 years already, on both desktop and servers. Linux got pretty stable on desktops, even older people can find their way around it these days.
Windows and Linux (backup system) on the same machine (desktop), just in case I can't control Windows :).
For servers always Linux.
I'm using windows on my laptop and also on the VPSs, both for work. Never liked or had any interest in using Mac OS.

For servers , always is Linux :)
Linux got pretty stable on desktops, even older people can find their way around it these days.

There are some great desktop Linux distros out there, the reason that I say they can be a hassle is hardware detection and support. I have two laptops on my desk right now, and I have at some point tried Linux on both of them, one has a touchscreen and none of the distros I tried would support that, the other had sound issues and the fingerprint sensor was not supported. Yes, both laptops worked running Linux but not to their full capabilities.
For anything that's server related or hosting I 99% of the time use Linux.
For general use I use MacOS now, I've switched from Windows and Android to the Apple ecosystem it just works, but I still have my desktop with windows just not using it much anymore.
For servers Linux. For personal I use Mac and Windows and Android and ChromeOS on a daily basis. My Chromebook is slow but that is because of cheap hardware. I can switch between Mac and Windows seamlessly. I don't really care which one I am using.
My personal experience with the following OS:

Enterprise: Linux ( Ubuntu or Debian )
Personal: Windows

They didn't let me down, ...... yet
I'm a little bit of everything honestly and I love trying out new operating systems, specifically Linux.

My main computers and laptops run Windows 11 now and Ubuntu 22.04, while my Rasp Pi runs Ubuntu Mate.

I also have a Mac Mini in case I need to troubleshoot Mac stuff.
This seems to have morphed at least partly into a discussion about Linux distros rather, in that case my preference is usually for a RHEL clone, i.e. Alma or Rocky over Ubuntu. My absolute favourite distro is OpenSUSE, I just feel that SUSE get so many things right including package management, but the fact that it less popular makes using it in a production/client situation a bit more challenging.