Which domain extension is more valuable: .NET or .IO?


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Just noticed "attend.io" sold on Park a couple of days ago for $8,010. A little shocked to be honest.

I own the .net version of the domain and while I've been a fan of .IOs for a number of years, which extension would you value more .io or .net?


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I would value more the classical .net as typically the .net is a little more generic than the IO could be.
Although, on the tech / AAAS (anything as a service) niche and similar, the IO could be at least equivalent if not better.


As for value, it goes .com > .net > .io for me. But those .io domains look and sound really cool sometimes. Most of the time, actually.


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Same boat for me.... .net over .io - but then again the types of sites I'm on are generally blog or industry articles (aside from a few .dev names)