What turns visitors on/off related to the design of a website?


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Everywhere you look, there’s advice on what works and what doesn’t work in web design (including coding for SEO). While the intent of websites is to convey information, the design of your site weighs heavily whether anyone will actually read your content. If you’re running e-commerce, design becomes critical.

Users spend most of their time on OTHER websites

Their experiences on other websites form their expectations for YOUR website. Take some time to research what others in your industry are posting. Your competitor may market inferior products and services, but still outsell you online. Why? The perceived value of their products and services may be enhanced because of the way they’re presented online (and their SEO/marketing efforts).

Looking for your thoughts on what turns visitors on or off related to web design.

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I think that everyone is going to have personal preferences that are possibly completely different.

Personally I like to have information presented pretty clearly, I don't need everything flying into the page from different angles, doing a twirl before I get to read it, etc. Transitions and animations can be incredibly effective when done subtly though.

Copy should be clear and actually say something instead of being just blah, blah, but at the same time have a personal voice instead of just being standard copy/paste stuff. I notice grammar, spelling, etc. too.