What is the status on shortage of IPv4 addresses


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From everything I've read, IPv4 addresses have been depleted, but I'm seeing very few requests for IPv6 addresses. When do you envision this becoming an industry wide issue?
I was shocked to find this out but my current provider has pushed the price up to £10 for 1 IPv4 address. I purchased one a few years ago for £2.50. I was so shocked by the price increase, I asked my provider and they told me it was down to demand. So I can see this being a wide spread issue.


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From what I can see, there is around 40% of my website visitors are using IPv6, things are looking pretty good actually. IPv4's prices are starting to go down. 3-4 months ago an IP block can sell at $50+ per IP, this is now in the $40-50 range.