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What attracts you to a website?


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Personally I am attracted to simplicity in a website. Functional simplicity. Being bombarded with too many sections and attention points can make me turn away from a website.


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One website for us has to be good-looking(modern design, animations), well structured, to present the product/service simple and to find the information very easily. If the website is for a shop or there is some kind of order - it should be very easy.


To learn to create useful content it is not difficult, than to master a bicycle. For this purpose it is needed: to get up into place of representative of target audience. Sit down and think, why you would like to get on this page. Can you push off in-process from a semantic kernel, working over every keyphrase on principle "why? when? why? for what"?. As a result the necessary array of reader queries will appear on hands; to collect a maximum of useful information. Read all useful articles about your commodity or service. Look, about what other write and take away the most important information only. you must collect a maximum of data. To become the real expert. Then choose мякотку helping readers to do a choice. And do text round her, getting rid from other water; to add numbers. What do all love? Numbers! Even if it is said that it is not loved, actually it not so. More than 80% users abandon a web-site on 10 second of viewing, if does not find out there numbers. Agree, it sounded steeper, than "many users look a web-site minimum to time, if there are not numbers". То-то and it. Digital reality suborns and at once throws on the pair of points of authoritativeness.


A website that is responsive, clean, animated, uses the right colour palette and with nothing that looks out of place, are usually the best ways to ensure a website is most attractive to the general viewer :)
I personally tends to get longer on a website which has good value of article, not bad at loading and also the website should have a easy to navigate menu. So I can read more relevant link that might be useful


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Reaching the awareness and interest of visitors to their website is a wish of each website owner. According to me, design and colors, picture and graphics, usability and flexibility are the main factors which make a website attractive.


To attract customers, the website should be interesting publications.
For a start, you should choose the theme of the site, because many publish on different topics and do not understand why they do not grow.
The second is to analyze the competitors and see what is more convenient to post.
The third is the uniqueness of the texts, the more unique, the more attractive.

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Anyone who says that design in no way affects their first impression is probably deluding themselves. When I see something that looks cluttered and messy and just ugly then I'll quite often click on past it.

But what keeps me there for longer than the first few seconds in content.

I really want a website to have a voice, not only for there to be content but for it to be coherent, well written, and to actually reflect the opinions and ideas of the creators, not to be an almost carbon copy of the content on another thousand sites of the same topic, or to be written focusing on keywords, etc.